Help Us, Help Them

Hayden Byerly plays a foster child on a TV show called 'The Fosters'. Through playing this role Hayden learned the hardships of some foster children. While there are several non-profit organizations that focus on foster children, Hayden noticed after speaking directly to these kids who were removed from their homes, that they had nothing to place their belongings in while in the transition period. One child can move up to 6 or 7 times before being placed back in their home or in another permanent home. In the Los Angeles area alone, in one month, there are approximately 600-700 children removed from their homes

HelpHHT has made it our mission to provide each and every one of those children with his/her own duffle bag given to them by the DCFS agent upon the initial removal from their home. No child should leave their personal treasures behind. No child should have to move from home to home with their personal belongings in a trash bag or pillow case.

We have created a direct donation button on our website as well as created ways to purchase autographs, videos, t-shirts, and other items with Hayden's images in order to collect donations for duffle bag purchases. Click Here to View Our Current Partners

Know of/suspect someone is being subjected to Child Abuse or Neglect?

Call the Department of Child and Family Services Abuse Hotline now
1-800-540-4000 or visit

We Can Help Make Change

The largest percentage of children within the foster care system are under 10 years old.

Could you imagine being ripped away from your own home at 10?

Let Them Know We Care

Help these kids get through such a heartbreaking experience by giving them something that no one can take away from them.

These Children are the Victims

Foster children often show up to a Foster parents door steps with just the clothes on their back and in a state of emotional turmoil. They are removed from their homes due to drug abuse and neglect, not because of anything they have done. These Children are the victims.